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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  November 24, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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is bone dry. 58 in baltimore. 59 in d.c. upper 50s in new york. winchester at 55. the winds not as bad as yesterday but breezy out of the west. easton at seven. here is the football forecast. we see at 8:20, 45 degrees, clear and cool, not too bad. the wind also die down and be out of the west at five miles an hour. go ravens. forget the fancy table cloth, fine china and all that kitchen mess. some are taking their meal on the road so they can cheer on the ravens. it's a big deal to have them on thanksgiving. everybody getting ready, the 49ers and the ravens. jamie costello is live at m&t
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bank stadium. >> we have turkey. >> turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, everything you have for thanksgiving. show us. give us a peek. shrimp. couldn't pick a better spot. here it is. that turkey is shaking down there. how long have you been here. >> sense 2:30. >> reporter: everybody's related, right? all right. let's win this one. the turkey bowl.
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let's take a look at that. we am football in the morning, turkey and more football. calvert beat loyola today 31-17. it was a day of big plays. loyola made this close and the last five, six minutes, he turned on the wheels and they started putting it away. calvert wins and the final score was 31 to 17, but tonight it is the harbaugh bowl. you know what the biggest pressure in town is? the photographer who has to watch after the game. you better not blow that shot. win it tonight. happy thanksgiving from m&t bank stadium, back to you.
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>> this is a good day to be jamie cost tell low. it's an annual tradition. this year the bea gaddy feast is different. abc2 news' brian kuebler explains. >> reporter: bea gaddy's legacy marks the 30th year. it started in 1981. her daughters got the tradition this fall, a celebration marked with a cake and single table setting. a military tradition for the fallen her daughter felt appropriate to commemorate a simple gesture turned community need. >> as a place setting on the
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30th. >> she's here too. >> reporter: it's a milestoning, so is the amount of people waiting to get in. >> the line is even going around the corner. the economy, people getting laid off left and right. don't have money. >> the line is the longest volunteers can remember, evidence of leaner times. >> we're in tough times. you get a reminder that we're not out of this great recession yet. there's a lot of need. like i said, i'm grateful to be able to give back. >> reporter: bob wheeling was the first in line for the annual dinner waiting at the door -- since 7:00 this morning. >> a long wait.
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it's a beautiful thing. >> reporter: the wait or the work, it's an inconvenience to none of the scores of volunteers who turned out this and every other year. true, the increased need makes this challenging, but the payoff is all the more rewarding. baltimore, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> i work. between the din are and the -- din are and the -- dinner and the food, the corporation isn't the only one making sure they help. volunteers served up at the beans and bread organization. it was at the bond street resource center. it's all about making those without a home feel like they have a family. >> the majority that we feed are
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homeless individuals. less. they're on the streets. many times they're not connected with their families. so it's like a family for them. >> volunteers also served a breakfast at the shelter for women and children. shapes under-- she's undergoing rehab. gabrielle giffords and her husband mark kelly helped out. she is at a houston hospital since being shot. what says thanksgiving more than standing on the street with 3 million of your closest friends. that's how much turned out in new york city for the macy's thanksgiving parade it. fee occurred 50 balloons, two dozen floats and 11 marching
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bands. the best seat is from the comfort of home. about 50 million watched on tv. one person has been killed after a car hit four people in a home depot parking lot in hyattsville. it was on east west highway this afternoon. one other person was take tonight hospital in critical condition. two others suffered serious injuries. apparently, the driver, in his 60s, passed out. he has also been hospitalized. a crash involving several cars closed down at the inner loop. it happened where 83 merges with the joppa overpass. there was a disabled car in the middle of the road. the accident shut down the inner loop as three people had to be pulled out of their car and taken to the hospital. we don't know their condition tonight. you note deals are good, but are they worth camping out for
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days to get your hands on cheap electronics. we'll take you to best buy where some made sure they were first in line. a local man helps veterans put their lives back together with a little bet of music. >> a story that may have you grab your turkey out of the trash.
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president obama took a break from his family plans to make a call to some special people this thanksgiving. the president called 10 members of the military to say thanks for serving our country making calls to two people from the
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army, airforce, navy and marines it. was part of operation new dawn or "operation enduring freedom." we want to introduce you to a retired marine offering the gift of music while mending the spirits of a group of injured warriors. it's called guitars for vets and can be found on a small stage in cecil county. >> these guys and gals, a lot of them have the right to have the worst attitude in the world because of the things that happened to them. yet, they are the most humble, caring people. >> reporter: at the are rip -- perry point va medical center, bob hevner offers his talent as a gift. >> i think we did it before.
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>> reporter: in fact, this is seen as a welcome extension to treatment programs. since 2007 guitars for vets have reached over 1200 veterans at va hospitals around the country. >> it's an amazing tool to use in terms of therapy sessions because it helps people connected, regardless of the age. they identify with it. >> it saved my life. >> reporter: matthew has served tours in kuwait, afghanistan and iraq. >> there have been times in my life i was far down the totem poll. it was either the choice of doing something stew ped or pick -- stupid or picked up my guitar. >> i lost my job. hi to start over. this is a good basis to start over. >> reporter: a month -- lamont
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west is another student. he feels something different with a guitar in his hands. >> releases inner feelings, inner pains. >> reporter: everyone involved admits there's true potential in this program. >> a little about the of self-esteem for accomplishing something. it's a challenge for some of them. it gives them something to focus on. it gives them comradery. it gives them fellow ship. >> reporter: in cecil county, reporting. >> beautiful store rism each student receive -- story. each student receive as guitar. they need donations, volunteers and used guitars in any condition. for more, head to our website
5:15 pm all right. the timing couldn't have been more perfect, we finely got ample -- finally got ample sunshine. we have a 10-mile range. today as we check out baltimore, we're seeing plenty of sunshine, blue skies across the area into baltimore this. doesn't matter where you went. we saw plenty of sunshine into bel air. you saw the cars trying to get to and fro. then we see more in mt. airy. we can see the breeze on the trees. it's not as blustery as
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yesterday. so maryland's most powerful radar is dry as of now. that will be the scenario as we head through the next several days. black friday tomorrow, oh, yes, it will be warmer. right now the temperatures coming in in the low 50s in dulles, easton. upper 40s into york, pennsylvania. colder in oakland at 39. our highs made it up to 62. cambridge in the upper 50s. 61 in d.c. for tomorrow your neighborhood forecast looking good and feeling five. 65 in reisterstown and are a by toc at -- arbutus at 66 degrees. you can see the clouds back off towards the west and they're not going to move in as we go into tomorrow. we have the big are view. the reason why, well, high pressure, that's the culprit. it's going to keep the clouds away. it's going to be nice. it's going to be mild as high
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pressure slides further off to the east. we'll get a return flow. that's what's going to warm us up into the 60s as we head into tomorrow. the future trend is not picking up on anything. you have to follow the timeline. are we going to move? this won't be happening until maybe sunday. you can sew on saturday we're -- see on saturday. this is poised as we go into sunday evening. evernierkts the temperature will be -- overnight, the temperature will be about 35. seasonably chilly. by tomorrow a ton of sun, 66 degrees, nice and mild. as we look into tomorrow night, 37 degrees. it's going to be mostly clear. light winds or feeling a light wind, southwesterly breeze. seven-day forecast, the warmer conditions will be with us through the next several days,
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temperatures in the 60s, 66, 64, 65. so sunday not looking too bad. as we go into the evening, we might see a late shower. monday, more rain. it will cool off as we head into tuesday, wednesday, thursday. all in all, warmer, cooler -- i'll take it. >> perfect timing for the ravens game. >> awesome. >> 5 degrees -- 58 degrees. they're tailgating. >> you know he's going to steal the turkey. >> exactly. >> thanks. by now all that's left of your thanksgiving meal is scraps. after this story you might want to grab the package. a woman bought a turkey and turned out her main deash was four years old.
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the sale date november 23rd, 2007. >> i was just busy. i was just busy. i didn't look at it then. that's the first thing i did we i took it out. >> the manager of the store says he was horrified. he called it an honest mistake. he's encouraging customers to look at sell by dates on all of their foods. turkey overload may send you searching for a burger or steak to get a variety. eating too much red meat could be linked to a certain kind of cancer. plus, holiday parties, family dinners -- it's the season to overindulge. we have tips to get you through without packing on the pounds.
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health alert. if you're a fan of red meat, a new study out of the university of california san francisco shows eating hamburger meat could be linked to an aggressive prostate cancer in men. they were more than twice last likely to have prostate cancer. the risk is high are if the meat was grilled or well done. thanksgiving is usually the a half of good foodp being a and eats. eating during the holiday is all about balance, eating the things you want but remembering your good health habits. the first trick is to prepare lighter meals in between the holiday get togethers. you want to focus on foods that are low in fat and high in
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fiber. try not to put too much op your plate. >> going to try not to consume more than the typical amount you would consume at any other sitdown meal. >> while our schedules get hectic, it's important to find time to exercise. your team may not be getting enough -- teen may not be getting enough fruits and vegetables. they ate less than the daily recommendations. log on and check out our major -- page. you'll find our health information. coming up you can skip all the hassle if you want to get a jump on holiday shopping. >> we're live right outside the building because the 49ers have
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just entered it. we're getting ready for harbaugh versus harbaugh.
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a tragic plane crash in arizona kales -- kills six we will from arizona. >> and to get a jump on those holiday shopping deals. and it's thanksgiving on the road. you're looking live at m&t bank stadium where tailgaters are getting ready for the harbaugh. thanksgiving gives everyone a chance to fill up on food. those plans to get in line seem
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to be starting earlier and earlier. we caught up with these guys who are camped out. no turkey, no family time. these shoppers are all about the bargain. their dedication will pay off at the stroke of midnight with deals on computers, big screen tv's and electronics. >> i probably have been out here sense midnight. i figured i'll come down, hang out. it is at least entertaining, watching the ravens game. >> reporter: it's in the just best buy, target and kohl's is opening. some of the biggest names in retailers are kicking things off
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tonight. they decided to add savings to their menu. >> reporter: forget the turkey and trimmings. it's time to shop. >> good morning, good morning. >> reporter: he opened up his store at 6:00 this morning and eager early bird shoppers snagged deals on tv's and toys. it's happening all around the country. these women in pleasant hills, california, are hitting the stores, too. >> half off the ice cream maker. >> which i pretended i didn't see because santa will bring it on christmas. >> reporter: help couldn't wait one more day. >> i wanted to get this game that came out. >> reporter: retailers are hoping -- holding their breath. they're banking on black friday sales. >> this is


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